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We are a leading healthcare communications agency with a full-service global offering and over 500 multi-disciplinary specialists, part of the world's largest healthcare communications network.

As industry thought leaders, we use creative effectiveness to make an impact that matters – for our brands, for our people, and for our world. 

We work alongside patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical and biotech brands to overcome the complex challenges of modern-day healthcare.

Our work blends strategic insight and deep scientific understanding with creativity and digital innovation, delivering healthcare campaigns and solutions that really make an impact to people’s lives.

Impact that matters. 

Health for allHealth for all
Health for all

What if no one was left behind?

Behind every statistic or piece of data related to healthcare inequality is an individual story of someone working to make healthcare a more equitable place. Health For All is a long-term initiative exploring the separation of humanity and healthcare that happens when equity, diversity, inclusivity (ED&I) are missing. Health For All is made up of stories which heroes individuals working towards positive change in healthcare – from researchers addressing challenges in women’s health, to the dementia café providing LGBTQ+ people with support. Each story has been visualised by a different creator, all with different perspectives and lived experiences, driving inclusivity throughout every stage of the initiative. Learn more at



Arthritis is widely seen as an old person’s disease. So much so, that in the UK no patient support materials existed for children with Systematic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (sJIA). When a child’s sJIA does flare up, there aren’t any visible signs and they often struggle to communicate the pain they are in. We designed the first patient support pack in the UK aimed specifically at children with sJIA, and developed a two-tone wristband that helped them discreetly let a grown-up know just how they’re feeling and when they need help.

Hidden Lifesavers

Hidden Lifesavers

How do you connect with a community that’s been marginalised by society, left sceptical of outsiders, and near impossible to reach? ‘The Hidden Lifesavers’ is a campaign that encourages people who use drugs to do something remarkable – save a life. Using portraits and quotes from people who use drugs, the campaign urges the community to carry naloxone – a life-saving opioid overdose reversal drug. People who use drugs are often seen as a hard-to-reach community, so we brought our posters to the cities most impacted – the best place to make a difference. We saw a significant increase in people seeking more information and demand for naloxone. But further than that, we helped to get a life-saving drug into the hands of people who needed it most.

Andi Goes
Havas Lynx Group

Andi Goes

Dyslexia affects up to 870,000 children in the UK, yet only 150,000 are actually diagnosed. This leaves hundreds of thousands of children without the support they need at a key time. Screeners are available but they’re stressful for the child and cause a stigma about the condition in the process. We needed to find a way to help parents spot signs of dyslexia without their child even being aware of it and let them enjoy the experience. Working with Dyslexia Teachers, we took complex screeners and turned them into a children’s book. The story was written to include key factors in early signs of dyslexia such as Fry’s First 100 words, corrective partial decoding, and processing difficulties. For the parent, it was a useful tool and for the child, it was a wonderful fable. Learn more here:

Haemophilia doesn't have to get in the way of your love life

Haemophilia doesn't have to get in the way of your love life

Social listening gathered as part of our wider campaign, #Memeophilia, highlighted that our target audience was missing out on vital aspects of life: love and physical relationships. They worry their haemophilia is hard to understand, makes them unattractive, and might affect their sexual performance. And like many young men, they’re embarrassed to talk about how they really feel. So we brought to life a well-known pair of emojis typically used by our target audience when chatting about sex – the peach and the aubergine. We turned what’s difficult to talk about into engaging and relevant social content using humour.

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