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People and Culture

Global network family feel

We are proud of the many unique people, perspectives and passions that make up our Havas family. We want everyone to feel they belong, that they can be themselves, and to thrive and grow with us. And we want them to feel able to take advantage of all the ways we can explore and learn together.

#LifeatHavas is about working together to make a meaningful difference.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

We believe great businesses are built on great cultures. We are taking tangible steps to create a genuine, inclusive culture within our Villages. That means providing the opportunity for all of our people to succeed.

We want to be a place where people come to do their best work and have the best times of their career. Diversity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility, underpinned by our ‘All In’ approach which ensures a global approach to building a culture full of diverse perspectives, equitable opportunities, and a space to learn, self-reflect, and have courageous conversations.

Havas All In

Since 2016, Havas UK has made significant progress to create a more fair and equitable workplace. But we know we have more to do. So, in 2020, we reaffirmed our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through the creation of our first DE&I Committee. This executive-level Committee is responsible for governing and progressing all our DE&I work in order to realise the change we need.

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The following areas of focus ensure we are 'All In' this work together.

Data & transparency

We will start by collecting an accurate data set to track, measure and hold ourselves accountable. It is vital that we are also transparent about our commitments and our progress. This will ensure our people know where we stand.


We have a robust DE&I training programme in place. We will ensure it is implemented for all staff and developed further to ensure we can also provide this knowledge and training to our leadership, partners and clients in future.​

Recruit, retain, reward

We will continue to explore non traditional recruitment paths and track our existing programmes to enable access to new talent. We know that some employees are under-represented, under-utilised and under served; lacking the access and resources for their advancement. We will continue to develop our programmes to ensure we reward retain and progress them at Havas.​

Advocacy & allyship​

We need to make sure the voices we use internally and externally are diverse. We need to advocate for the talent we have in our businesses that currently do not have a voice. We will develop training and support programmes for marginalised and minoritised people to equip them to represent us.​

Our work in practice

We believe we must drive representation by putting out inclusive communications for our clients - from embedding practices early on in our process, to using diverse suppliers. We will continue to create programmes such as Press Pause and our Talent Casting Principles, to help support our clients make a meaningful difference through our work together.​

This is our 2020 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Charter

It paves the way for significant change in the next five years. It is made up of 10 commitments that will deliver meaningful change within our businesses, our industry, and through our work, society as a whole.

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