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Havas London

Hello, we are Havas London

We are Havas UK’s flagship creative agency and we are united by a common purpose to create a meaningful difference to the brands, the businesses and lives of the people we work with.

No brand can outspend the internet, so having a finger on the cultural pulse helps establish meaning and relevance between brands and today’s audiences. Whether our clients want to own, disrupt or completely reinvent their categories, inspiration and invention are critical to standing out from a sea of sameness.   

And we give clients more than just ad campaigns. We follow an integrated methodology, driven by audience insights, to get to a Meaningful Brand Idea that will connect with customers across all channels. The result?

Purposeful brand solutions, through media experiences that matter, that change how audiences think and feel about your brand.

Me, My Austism and I

Me, My Austism and I

The Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award-winning 'Me, My Autism and I' sets out to broaden public understanding of autism – particularly in girls, who are three times less likely to be diagnosed. As a brand, Vanish is committed to helping clothes last longer – and for most autistic people, familiar and consistent clothing can help with sensory regulation and provide a source of comfort. The evocative film, which follows 15-year-old autistic girl Ash and her visceral relationship with her favourite hoodie, is an authentic and evocative portrayal of being autistic, reflecting the fact the condition can be challenging, but also empowering.

The Open University

The Future is Open

The Future is Open - our bold new brand platform for The UK's largest university - comes to life in every channel and touchpoint for a brand even more relevant today than at any time in its 53-year history. Our new visual identity spans everything from learning material and graduate certificates to this new TV ad, shot by Cannes Lions Film Grand Prix winning director, Malik Vitthal, which acts as a visual metaphor for the possibilities the OU enables.


Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas

Son of a nutcracker! In 2022, Asda introduced a very special festive colleague, and star of its Christmas campaign: Buddy the Elf. The ad - the first time Elf has been licensed for brand marketing - uses original footage from the UK's #1 Christmas film to plant the beloved Buddy right at the heart of a bustling Asda store in the build-up to his favourite time of year. It aimed to make people smile, and based on the overwhelmingly positive early reaction, it's doing just that.

Ella's Kitchen

Eat. Play. Love

Parents today are aware of the obesity epidemic and are paralysed by an ‘Eat your greens’ mentality for their kids to eat the right things. We needed to liberate parents from this struggle to re-prioritise the enjoyment of little ones. We leant into one of the most well-known barriers to enjoyment, something passed down through the generations… “don’t play with your food”. We created a gallery where the words “don’t play with your food”, each letter created from fruit and veg. Then we let little ones, pick off and eat the pieces one by one until the piece read “do play with your food”.


Tickled Pink

Despite Asda’s Tickled Pink raising an amazing £77 million from Asda customers over the last 25 years, we wanted to change behaviour and encourage more women and men to check themselves regularly. We decided to turn the regular weekly shops into a regular reminder to self-check for breast cancer. Turning ‘self-checkouts’ in-store and online from a point of transaction to a point of tuition, The Real Self-Checkout encouraged customers to check themselves out for lumps, bumps and anything out of the ordinary - using every part of the shopper’s journey – from the store floor, to unpacking at home, to shopping online.

Department for Education

Every Lesson Shapes a Life

Our teacher recruitment campaign for The Department for Education returned in January with an intimate, wide-ranging portrait of a day in the life of a teacher. Picking up where our launch campaign left off – which saw registrations for teacher recruitment surge 21% above target – it highlights the unique nature of the career and the transformative impact teachers can have on the lives of their pupils.

Nubian Jak Community Trust

The Black Plaque Project

Just 1.6% of London's famous blue plaques are dedicated to Black people. The Black Plaque Project is a new initiative, in partnership with Nubian Jak Community Trust, commemorating the rich, diverse contributions of Black people throughout history.


Live Life with a Little More Ish

Taking Ryvita back onto TV screens after six years with a new  brand campaign, redesign and platform based on the idea, “Live life with a little more ‘ish’.” The campaign takes Ryvita away from its traditional territory of being a functional health brand with dieting at its core to instead occupying a broader, more culturally relevant space of liberation and versatility, revolutionising the brand and the category.

Coors Light

Keep It Fresh

'Keep It Fresh' is a major new brand campaign and positioning for Coors Light in the UK. Championing freshness as an attitude, it launched with an epic, off-piste (literally) TV spot as well as OOH, social, digital, PR and a series of C4 idents.

Our Clients

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